Organic Three Pack

Organic Three Pack


This Organic Three Pack includes one Organic Pink (3oz), one Organic Herbed Salt Free (2oz) and one Organic AIP (2oz). Whether you like all three blends or just can't decide which one to try, we've got an organic combo pack just for you. 


ORGANIC PINK: Himalayan pink salt, *chili powder, *garlic, *black pepper, *onion, *white pepper, *cumin, *cayenne (*organic)

ORGANIC HERBED SALT FREE: *Garlic, *paprika, *black pepper, *onion, *basil, *oregano, *lemon peel, *celery seed, *thyme, *cayenne (*organic)

ORGANIC AIP - Himalayan pink salt, *garlic, *onion, *oregano, *basil, *sage (*organic)