What is Paleo Powder good on?

Our seasoning blends are truly all purpose and formulated to enhance the flavor of almost any dish your cooking. Try them on beef (just when you thought steak couldn’t get better!), chicken, pork, seafood, wild game, veggies (seriously, just try them on roasted Brussels sprouts!) and eggs. Or, if your using a recipe that calls for any specific spice(s) just substitute Paleo Powder in equal amounts – you won’t be disappointed and cooking will be easier than ever. Check out the Cook page of our website for some visual inspiration of what we are serving up with Paleo Powder.

What makes your seasoning Paleo?

Unlike most seasoning blends, Paleo Powder seasonings do not contain unhealthy ingredients (like sugar) or disruptive additives (like silicon dioxide used to prevent clumping) and are produced in a facility where there is no chance of wheat, milk, soy or other non-Paleo contamination.

What's the difference between each of your blends?

We created all our blends to be all purpose blends so you don't have to buy or store a dozen different bottles. Instead, we offer all purpose blends that meet a variety of dietary/lifestyle preferences/restrictions. All of our blends are Paleo, but within that, you can choose a blend, with iodized salt, a blend with Himalayan Pink Salt, a blend with no salt or an AIP-friendly blend.

How hot/spicy are the blends with cayenne pepper in them?

Our Original, Pink and Salt Free blends definitely have some kick to them, but it doesn't overwhelm the overall flavor. If you like to bring heat, add a hearty sprinkle (or three) to whatever your cooking, but if you can't handle too much start out with just a dash. We've never had anyone complain that any of our blends are too spicy!

How are your blends processed?

All our spices and herbs are non-irradiated, contain no anti-caking agents, no artificial colors, and no MSG. Our spices and herbs are all natural and pure as defined by The Pure Food and Drug Act. In addition, our ingredients are cleaned without the use of chemicals, continually inspected by trained staff and milled to exact specifications to ensure purity, consistency, color, and taste.


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