Paleo Unpackaged: Snack Recipes

In the spirit of PALEO UNPACKAGED healthy eating, this is the third post in a series where we share with you the ingredients, recipes and gadgets we personally use that make our PALEO UNPACKAGED lifestyle totally easy and damn delicious.

We’re sharing five recipes for snacks that we like to make ahead and have on hand, because snacks are mandatory at Paleo Powder Headquarters.


Chocolate Energy Bars


Seasoned Nut Medley!Paleo-Powder-Seasoned-Nut-Medley/cbtk/1


Banana Granola


Coconut Cashew Bars


Paleo Powder Crackers
PP SUGGESTION: Try topping these bad boys with Paleo HummusPaleo Pumpkin Butter or Paleo Strawberry Jam